Journal: Serious and Trivial

A thousand blank pages wait to record a few lines,
Some serious, some trivial, some mixed like life,
All gathered from the same rambling mind,
Which has loved to dream, to love and to lose.

The serious thoughts were all about your loss
A vacuum that I have never been able to fill,
A turning point from the fact that I was loved,

Into a world full of options and crossroads.

The trivial thoughts were all written in joy,
A bundle of words on a beautiful morning,
When the fresh air and bright blue sky
Was more than enough to make me high.

But the best was always the mixed ones,
Not too sad or happy; just real like today's.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Blogger on a break

Due to some constraints in time to edit what the author has found out to be extremely emotional and immature writing, there is a temporary withdrawal of some of the previous posts that had once featured in this blog. The readers are requested to take a very benevolent view of the above-mentioned action.